As Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles installation wraps up its viewing period in Toronto, a filmmaker named Ryan Emond shares a commissioned video showing the installation process of the piece. For this iteration of the piece—which originally debuted at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2011—was the largest one yet. It used 3,144 steel bicycles of the chinese brand Yong Jiu, which translates directly as “Forever.” The stacks of bicycles in the outdoor environment created a dynamic maze that viewers can walk through and interact with, as long as they aren't climbing it.

 Here’s how Emonds described his video project: 

Upon receiving news that I was chosen, it was hard to do anything other than immediately start planning. My mind was bursting with ideas. Ai Weiwei has been an inspiration since my first trip to Beijing a couple years ago, after visiting Galerie Urs Meile and 798 Art Zone. I was thrilled to document such an important international artist’s work. The thought of the possibility of him seeing my work after being so enchanted by his was amongst my main motivations while completing the project.

Check out the video above and more Ai Weiwei here.

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[via Fast Company]

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