Wil Fry is the Banksy of Internet hype fashion—meaning, no one really knows or will say who "he" is. There's even a debate on whether Wil is male or female, but it's largely believed that he's a dude. All of that aside, Fry was recently interviewed by District MTV, the network's UK website for style, and he bluntly addressed the issue of his "Expensive" T-shirt, jacket, and shorts, which feature an all-over print of tags from high fashion labels.

"I'm not worried about getting sued," Fry said. "Everything I've done has been really small scale and a lot of it I haven't even sold."

Fry, who is from Australia, finds that his logo-saturated designs have been influenced by his time in New York. "The logo thing has been heavily fueled by people who 'buy' into the latest brand and trends," Fry said. "After I moved to New York I started seeing this kind of thing – people bragging about how much things cost, looking for validation – and I guess it was sort of a response to all the disposable trends floating around today."

With this mentality, it's no surprise that Fry's latest work is minimalist and self-described as "stealth," and caused him to abandon the excess that designer clothing lends to the wearer.

[via District MTV]