Check out this Battenwear tech fleece cardigan thing. It’s got a two-way zipper and kinda-sorta reminds me of these really rare Flistfia cardigans that I think are only available in Japan. That’s not really a helpful reference, but if you dig deep into the Four Pins archives, you’ll see I wrote about them before I discovered the caps lock button. But back to the tech fleece cardigan thing at hand: it’s made of that Patagonia style fabric that is definitely seeing a career revival right now. It’s like after John Travolta was in Pulp Fiction and everyone thought he was an amazing actor again. But then we realized he still sucks and the only thing that saved Face/Off was Nick Cage, the steeziest man on the planet. Let Travolta be a reminder to us all—we’re all just two steps away from making Look Who’s Talking Too.