Starting today and running through September 17, VFiles and Machine-A are partnering on a "shop swap" with one another to celebrate SS14 Fashion Week. From either side of the Atlantic, each boutique will take over a window and in-store area of the other and kit it out with each shop's flagship brands. For some of these labels, this project will be the first time they're available in NYC and London. 

VFiles will be bringing to London Hood by Air, NASA + VFiles, sam mc, and VFiles Vintage. Machine-A will be lugging over Ashley Williams, Kyle Hopkins, and Dr. Noki to NYC. And swapping brands isn't the only thing to come from this partnership. The two shops have created a super-limited athletic cozy gear together, and VFiles also made a small run of T-shirts with the participating brands that are exclusive to the two stores. Most productions tied to Fashion Week result in struggle swag or corny celebrations, but this "shop swap" is a dope concept that benefits everyone, not just fans of protein bars and "healthy" water.