Gallery 1988 and illustrator Scott Campbell worked with Sony and Breaking Bad to create this amazing limited edition print that features almost every character from the hit AMC television show. Campbell's unmistakeable painting style adds humor and happiness to an otherwise dark and awesomely disturbing drama, and though not every character made the cut, there are a lot of old favorites that we had forgotten about. Campbell wrote via his website PyramidCar that his favorite characters to draw were Todd, Badger, Marie, and the ATM meth addicts, and that the most difficult were Mike and Hank.

The print was sold in a limited edition run of 300 via the official Breaking Bad store, so happy hunting if you missed out and need it in your life. Check out the Gallery1998 blog post to see this amazing painting at full resolution and see which of your favorite characters (dead or alive) were included. For more from Scott Campbell, visit his Tumblr blog and website.

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[via G1988]