Remember the last time you were at the beach? And you spent all day drinking cocktails out of water bottles and building sand castles? And you got buzzed enough to be super proud of your sand-sculpture work? I’m telling you how futile that was (the sand castles, anyway).

Behold, the sand sculptures of Susanne Ruseler. I am pretty sure this woman could sculpt a functioning space shuttle out of sand if the situation necessitated. But, for the time being, she’s sticking to scenes of whimsy, biblical tableaux, and disruptions of nature—like an anaconda battling a dinosaur.

Ruseler studied biology in college but found her true passion—and obvious talent—was in making temporary sculptures of incredible detail. Though she’s based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, her work takes her all over the globe to sculpt pieces for competitions and private events.

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[via My Modern Met]


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