Ralph Lauren fans got excited last year when the label launched its Ralph Lauren Vintage site. As part of this new initiative, a Bring It Back program was installed to give people a chance to vote on what items they wanted to revive from the archives. The votes are in, and to nobody’s surprise everyone wanted to bring back the Polo Bear Sweater.

Despite Kanye West spitting “Ralph Lauren was boring before I wore him”, true 'Lo heads know these designs were popping way before Yeezy had them on his back. Originally released in 1991, NYC was filled with boosters trying to rack the Polo Bear sweaters, which only added to their allure.

If you always wanted one of these classics, now is your chance. Starting Friday, September 27, two Polo bear designs (one’s for the ladies) are being re-released. These are some of the most collectible items in the brand’s history so don’t sleep on them. Keep your browsers locked on the Ralph Lauren Vintage website. We know Drake is probably on his computer already, sitting and waiting.