In an Instagram post earlier today, Miami-based artist Daniel Arsham reveled his upcoming collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Along with the picture above, Arsham wrote the caption, "#ARSHAMXPHARRELL Like much of my work, which features the seeming petrifaction of contemporary objects, the materials used to recreate Pharrell's keyboard make it seem as though it was detected in a distant future or on an archeological dig. The unveiling of the full collaboration is in 1 week!" Pharrell confirmed the collaboration an Instagram with the caption, "He recreated the Casio MT-500, the first keyboard I ever made music with, as if it was found in an archaeological dig or in the distant future."

This is not the first time that the musician and the artist have worked together. In a February installment of Pharrell's online show, ARTST TLK, he interviewed Arsham and New York-based architect Alex Gorlin about the role of architecture in contemporary art. Two months later, Pharrell stopped by Arsham's studio and snapped some photos of the artist's sculptures. We should've known that the two were planning something together. 

In May, Pharrell participated in JR's "Inside Out Project" in Times Square, New York. We wouldn't be surprised if the French street artist was Pharrell's next partner in art. JR also worked with Arsham for a mural in New York in March.

It seems like Pharrell has a hand in everything this summer. Besides his forays into visual art, earlier this week, the musician revealed a release with Moncler for a line of futuristic sunglasses. 

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