Last night, I was at this NYFW influencer party (whatevs) and literally all of my friends (4 people) showed up in New Balance sneakers. Needless to say, I felt like an asshole in my white Nikes, rare as they might have been. It's not that I want to just fit in per se, it's just that it made me feel like they were all on some super influential group text talking all, "Bros. Let's all show up in crazy dope New Balances. NO ONE TELL WOOLF." Fuck 'em, though. I don't even want cool New Balances. That said, if I had been on that group text, I definitely would have bought these new Tier 1 MRT580's in the grey colorway. Unfortunately, these aren't even out yet, so for now I guess I'll just chill with my Tier 0 Nikes, jerks.