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Full quote: "You don't realize, I am so frustrated. I am so frustrated. I am so, I've got so much I want to give. I've got ideas on color palettes. I've got ideas on silhouettes. And I've got a million people telling me why I can't do it. You know, that I'm not a real designer, that I'm not this. I'm not a real rapper, either! I'm not a real musician, either! Like, I don't know how to play the piano. I'm an artist. I went to art college.

"I went to art college, and was looked at like I'm soft because I wore like Italian clothes, you know what I'm saying, when I'm rapping in front of Cam'ron. And my pants is tight. Trying to spit a verse for Cam. That's the same when I'm sitting there at a fashion show. I'm there because I appreciate Phoebe Philo. I appreciate Raf Simons. I appreciate Riccardo Tisci. I look at them as my peers. As creative people who dedicate their entire life to making something better for the world. We dedicate our entire life to making our current time and civilization better. To adding something to the culture."