Basketball and beer aren't normally associated with each other, unless you're talking about Dennis Rodman or Chris Mullin. But ballers need to kick back once and a while, and why not wear gear from the on-court brands they're used to? To celebrate the upcoming Oktoberfest, K1X has come together with Hofbräuhaus for a surprising yet awesome streetwear collaboration—further proving that good beer (or any beer, really) makes everything better.

Hofbräuhaus has been around since 1589, and while K1X established in 1993, the mix of old and new proved to work. The collection is titled "Prost Y'all," and, for the unfamiliar, means "Cheers Y'all." And it features a tank top, crewneck sweatshirt, T-shirt, snapback, beanie, and sling bag.

Unfortunately, the collection doesn't feature any "drinking shoes," but if you're feeling the threads, they'll become available this fall via the brewer's webshop.