Video: G-Dragon Discusses His Complex Digital Cover Shoot

Thought our GD digital cover was intense? So did the man himself.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

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As G-Dragon's Coup D'Etat Week comes to a close, it's time to hear directly from the man in the spotlight. We've gotten great feedback about our G-Dragon digital cover experience, but let's make sure to give GD a lot of credit, too: On very little sleep, fresh off a Seoul-to-New York flight, G-Dragon arrived at our Brooklyn set and gamely endured over six hours of outfit changes and setup tweaks as we shot him dancing and posing across a variety of different backgrounds—and all this inside a sweltering studio on possibly the hottest day of summer.

Ever the pro, G-Dragon was humble and polite from his arrival on set to the very last shot of the day—after which the exhausted star plopped down for the video interview you see above. Round of applause for GD...

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