Designer Rav Matharu's inspiration for the latest Clothsurgeon collection comes from the classic '90s film New Jack City. If you had to picture what Nino Brown and the whole Cash Money Brothers would be wearing today, this collection is pretty much on point.

Cobalt blue is a color found throughout the collection, most likely inspired by the getup worn by the druglord played by Wesley Snipes’ character. While Clothsurgeon has been known to drop some sick premium leather items in the past, the fall/winter 2013 collection shows a skillful range of materials and techniques.

This time around items are incorporating rabbit fur, butter-soft suedes, and silk. Anyone looking to advance their look can achieve next level status with the label's bomber jackets, double-breasted coats, leather sweaters, sweatpants, and elongated tees.

If you're not feeling this season's gear, we have some words for you via Nino Brown: “Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change.” Now get your cash ready and cop some items from the collection on the Clothsurgeon website.