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Burberry introduces its new cologne dubbed the Brit Rhythm if you’re looking for some new smell goods. If you haven’t already figured out by the name, the new fragrance is inspired by music. We all know the brand is a major force in fashion, but it also dabbles in music through its Burberry Acoustic platform. So why not make a signature fragrance that has hints of those leather scents we all like to go along with it? Don’t worry, its not all leathery smells. The fashion house also added notes of cedarwood, incense, tonka bean, and juniper berries along with other scents to keep you smelling like a rockstar all day long.

In addition, Burberry has also added a ready-to-wear collection to make the launch of its new cologne complete. Studded and un-studded motorcycle jackets, belts, bags, and tech accessories as well as its sought after trench coats is what you will mostly find in the collection. Get your money up the collection is available today. Check out the Burberry website for more.