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Mystery street artist and East London native, "Jonesy," recently made an appearance at Shoreditch Street Art Tours where street art enthusiast and Jonesy-aficionado, RJ Rushmore, gave his take on the ideologically inclined and insanely talented up and coming artist. "Jonesy is not just about the good idea, it’s the good ideology, for he is committed to raising the alarm over the harm we do to our planet and our children’s future in our extraction of energy." Hmm, politically inclined, we like it. But wait, there's more.

Jonesy sets his art apart in the streets by creating works commonly cast in bronze, including a high level of detail, color, and according to Rushmore, contain "beauty that is awe-inspiring." One of the first Jonesy sitings in 2012 shows a multicolored casting of a bird mounted on top of a sign post, but then later in the year, Rushmore discovered a series of silvery figures cast into the ends of a partially demolished wall. Of course, Jonesy's got paint mastered as well, creating a number of original paintings on heavy stock paper and the streets depicting the impending "Environmental Armageddon." Multitalented, environmentally conscious, and mysterious. Count us in. 

[via Vandalog]