We think it's safe to say that Jay Z is a bigger fan of Miley Cyrus' twerking than Anna Wintour. And here's why we have a hunch: Daily Mail is reporting that Wintour— who was the long-time Vogue Editor-in-Chief and now Condé Nast Artistic Director—has decided to axe Cyrus from the December cover of Vogue. All because of her, let's be honest, attempts to twerk on the MTV Video Music Awards stage.

Cyrus, who had several covers for Teen Vogue and recently for Elle and Cosmopolitan, has found her own fashion groove, but will have to search out a new place to show off her style. Wintour, who has final say on all of Vogue's covers, told a Daily Mail source that the performance was "distasteful."

We don't expect Cyrus to be invited to any Met Galas in the future if this is true.

[via Daily Mail]