Italian artist and photographer Alberto Seveso has just shared his newest series of eye-popping high-speed photographs. Seveso experiments with ink and water to create Technicolor whirls that are as beautiful as they are impressive. The last we posted about Seveso, he was pouring ink into water and capturing the result. But with this new series, he’s taken a different track to photographing interactions between ink and water.

The new project, called Dropping, does just that: Seveso is now dropping ink onto water and capturing the stunning result with high-speed photography. We would say that big posters of these shots would be perfect on dorm room walls everywhere (trippy much?) save the fact that they are far more artful than just as eye candy.

“The title is very important to me,” says Seveso, “because it is a tribute to the master of the dripping technique, Jackson Pollock. I always was a big fan of the chaos theory.”

Check out more of Seveso’s stunning work here

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[via Fubiz]