The headquarters of one the world’s largest entertainment software publishers, Activision Blizzard, is getting a big redesign, at the hand of New York City architecture firm REX. REX is the same firm that took home the American Institute of Architects’ 2005 National Honor Award for their striking, angular facelift of the Seattle Central Library.  The new Activision Blizzard space is meant to be a more efficient setup than their previous location with a central nucleus where team leaders will sit with clusters for different departments spinning off in striking bifurcating split-levels. Gaming and screening rooms, lounges, green spaces, and a cafeteria have also been added. 

Considering the building’s Santa Monica, Calif. location, it’s also been designed with a heavy resistance to earthquakes in mind. Though all that wood and glass may look brittle, the new design is braced by strong forms and anti-buckling materials. Game on!

[via Designboom]

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