Serious photographers often amass respectable collections of camera bodies, lenses, and accessories over the years because different jobs call for different equipment. Mumbai-based photojournalist Dilish Parekh, on the other hand, has a collection that goes beyond respectable and borders on ridiculous. Parekh has just set the Guiness World Record for the largest camera collection in the world with an unreal 4,425 mostly antique models. There are photography museums that don't have that many!

Parekh started collecting when he was given his father's 600 piece collection. For 25 years he has built his rare collection of Leica, Rolliflexes, Canons, Nikons, Kodaks, and various other camera models. The last record he set was nearly 2,000 cameras ago when the collection stood at 2,634. From a Tessina L to a 1934 Leica 250 (one of 1000 made), Parekh's stash runs deep and is worth a lot of money, though he probably won't be selling it any time soon.

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[via PetaPixel]