Japan always seems to be on the cutting-edge of convenience, and Japanese lingerie company Wacoal has built an unusual yet undeniably convenient means of purchasing bras from its Une Nana Cool shop in Shibuya, fully loaded with its current "Fun Fun Week" bras. The bra vending machine has been met with mixed reviews from the Japanese general public; some complain that they are unable to try on the bra before purchasing it, while others think that it's a convenient way to purchase lingerie for men with a cross-dressing fetish.

While Wacoal has addressed the varying criticism, it boasts that each bra, at only $30, is easy to purchase without the embarrassment involved in lingerie shopping. Simply pick out the size from the attached chart, insert your money, press the item number of your preference, and like magic, a bra is dispensed at your convenience. 

[via Designtaxi]