Newly established drink company, AMAzon Beverages features Emanuela de Paula, Cintia Dicker, and Adriana Lima in a new advertising campaign promoting their unique line of drinks. Why so special you ask? Well besides the fact that they have legendary hotness in their advertisements, AMAzon Beverages features ingredients unique to The Amazon that promote energy, power, and well- sexiness. And who better to promote these qualities than some of the world's top models? Among them is Adriana Lima, who was recently ranked as the third highest paid model on Forbes' most recent list. 

Donning Amazon-inspired looks, the models wear a number of tribal chic garments, complete with bronzed bodies, vibrant make up, wild hair, and completed with some fierce poses. The photos were lensed by legendary Victoria's Secret photographer Russel James. So, where can we buy these drinks?

[via Fashiongonerougue]

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