Garbage usually isn't anyone's favorite thing to play with, but it is for artist Francisco de Pájaro. His series of pieces done under the alias "Art is Trash" creates fun characters and humanoid figures by modifying and adding to piles of garbage on the street. The artist began working with this medium in when laws became enacted in Barcelona banning painting on the streets. Instead of painting on walls or floors, "Art is Trash" creates art on trash, which is still within legal boundaries.

Pájaro said, "Rubbish is the only legal place you can make art on the street...First of all I just painted on cans, objects, and then I thought I can put an arm, as a way of getting round not being able to paint on the walls on the floor, I started painting on rubbish. You’ve got to improvise...Street art has a short life, you make it, it lives and dies."

Although his pieces are particularly short-lived, you can view his works on display at the London West Bank Gallery where they will last longer. Be inspired by this artist's passion to continue creating art regardless of what the police might say.

[via TheAtlanticCities]