Situated on a piece of prime real estate high above Greenwich Village is a one-bedroom apartment Thom Browne calls home. The designer known for his crispy suits and highwater pants searched for almost a year before landing this space.

The apartment sports jaw-dropping views of the city, thanks to its spacious terrace. Inside you will find that the designer keeps everything military-clean. Books, shelves, and tables are neatly in place and organized. Run a Swiffer duster throughout the 800 square feet of the apt and it probably won’t pick up a single spec of dirt.

As for the bed where Browne rests his head, it might not be what you expected. It looks like the same twin beds found in a standard dorm room, with some Thom Browne-isms like the color gray and red, white, and blue stripe details. His commitment to sharp tailored looks is even applied to his neatly done sheets. Something tells us he went for hospital corners.

One thing is for sure, it is a much more welcoming sight than Rick Owens’ medieval-like lair.

[Architectural Digest via Four-Pins]

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