While industry figures and professional cool guys are hamming it up in Las Vegas for tradeshows like AGENDA and PROJECT MVMNT, we're getting a glimpse at what's to come from all the hottest brands. Except we can safely say that everyone else can go home now, because we've seen the best thing that will ever come from this season, and it's by Akomplice.

We're not sure when this George Costanza sweatshirt is coming out, how much it costs, or where it will be available, but we do know one thing: WE NEED IT NOW. Like, we don't care if we have to kick Larry David in the nuts for it, we will take it—almost on some "Your Sneakers or Your Life" steez. This lone item single-handedly murdered the "huge print" trend while at the same time elevating it to a moment of greatness. And on the real, it's ten times better than a George Costanza wallet.

[via Instagram]