RAW is New England's best skate brand, but that's old news. The brand's simplistic designs are packed with meaning and purpose, and the fall 2013 collection is no exception.

Sure, you can get 5-panels, graphic T-shirts, and sweatshirts from other brands, but none are as down for its day-one fans and skate culture as RAW. As the brand states:

During the time that this brand has been built, a few individuals who didn’t necessarily believe in what we set out to do have fallen off of their own accord. We can sum up this type of friction up very briefly. You’re either in or you’re out. If you’re not down, take a hike. Put your thumb up and get lost.

So, if you're down with RAW, wear these pieces proudly—especially the items that say, "Loyalty over Royalty." However, if you just want to get down with RAW because the pieces look cool, just don't keep it on the D.L.

Shop the collection here.

[via RAW New England]