Hip-hop style has become a cycle of monkey-see, monkey-do. Rappers see influential colleagues sport new and exciting brands, and then the garments are beaten until they no longer contain their original meaning. In an exclusive interview with The Crosby Press, Pusha T discussed his personal style and why he thinks so many other rappers lack their own.

"I'm sick of this gothic hip-hop nasty look that happens," the G.O.O.D. Music emcee told the website."It's like one big uniform that happens, and it annoys me."

Which, he goes onto differentiate from how he chooses to sport the clothes he wears. "Personal style? I like to describe it as 'International dope-boy fresh,' it's high-end a lot of times, and it's European, but in the way it's worn, it always has the street swag," Pusha said. "You know that I'm coming straight from the corner."

It's interesting, because Pusha goes on to express his admiration for Pyrex, and how it brings about the energy of the street culture. Troy Ave, on the other hand, vocalized his disdain for Pyrex recently, and how everyone has made it their uniform.

The one take away, amongst many, from Pusha's advice, is don't take your look seriously. Make it fun, and, in the end, your stylish ways will increase.

[via The Crosby Press]