Los Angeles International Airport has long been a significant international flight hub, but let's face it- the place hasn't done too much with its decor lately, until now. Moment Factory was recently commissioned by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) in collaboration with Sardi Design and MRA International to create seven iconic media features for the New Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). And in classical LA style, it will be in fact, the "largest immersive multimedia system of any airport in the Americas." 

The point of the new media and decor is to create four hours of completely original video content, incorporating the latest and greatest of high-resolution imaging, 3D effects, as well as interactive technologies and effects reacting to real-time airport information. This media aims to create imaging that "enhance(s) the passenger experience and bring(s) back the romance and magic of travel." We're down for all things dope, diverse, and current, that will distract us from horrific layovers and unreal travel difficulties. Good work, LAX. 

[via Vimeo]