Tourist videos never change. They often show the same sights and destinations year in and year out, which can get pretty boring. If you want an adventure, go off the beaten path in neighborhoods where you’re less likely to find a tourist trap. To get an idea of what NYC really has to offer, check out this latest video Mighty Healthy video.

For starters, it’s not a tourist video, but it gives you an idea of what’s around NYC other than Time Square and the Statue of Liberty. It also shows dope gear from an established NYC streetwear brand. The skate crew consisting of Pete Eldridge, Connor Champion, Chris Colbourn, and Alex Corporan hit the city streets hitting different neighborhoods to show off the brand’s latest collection. From the Lower East Side to Queens, henleys, caps, contrast pocket tees, and more can be seen worn from the streetwear vet’s latest collection. The popular “Listen to” series continues with the “Listen to Tribe” tee. If you plan to visit the Big Apple soon and are in need of some street-ready styles, check the video above and shop the latest collection on the MH website

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