Mickey Drexler is well known for a management style that includes broadcasting his daily thoughts through a company wide intercom system. This small bit of info alone tells you that the J.Crew CEO is a man who is not afraid to let everyone know what he wants. So when the Breaking Bad fan met the execs behind the hugely popular AMC show, he wasn’t shy on letting them know how obsessed he was.

After that brief encounter, the execs Steve Mosko and Zack Van Amburg invited him to appear on the show. According to Page Six, Drexler flew down to New Mexico to meet the crystal meth kingpin himself and shoot for one episode. Spoiler alert: he will make a cameo as a customer at Walter White’s carwash. Sorry for those of you who thought he was going to score some of W.W.’s famous blue meth in exchange for some crispy Ludlow suits. Set aside some time, or schedule the show on your DVR this when the episode airs this Sunday.

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