On "My, My, Hey, Hey," Neil Young sang, "Rock & Roll is here to stay, it's better to burn out than to fade away," and Mark McNairy has expressed the same sentiment on his latest T-shirt. Except, McNairy wasn't talking about a music scene that was self-destructing, he was referring to his favorite motif that's rampant in men's style—camouflage.

The T-shirt reads, "Hey, Hey, My, My, Camouflage Will Never Die," which, on the surface, seems like an ode to the military-inspired print, but the underlying meaning of the quote infers something totally different. Has camo totally played itself out where the point McNairy is sick of it? This can't be totally true, the T-shirt features a camo print across the chest.

It will be interesting to see if McNairy continues pumping out camouflage pieces in the future—until the point no one can bare looking like a G.I. Joe any longer. If you want to express this idea, Hypebeast's shop is currently carrying this tee and selling it for $75.

[via Hypebeast]