As Marina Abramovic's Kickstarter for her performance art institute nearly comes to a close (currently it has $577,232 of its $600,000 goal with three days left), we've learned the process behind The Abramovic Method (which Lady Gaga performed naked), had two Reddit AMAs with her, and learned about the time she raised a baby kangaroo. While some people are still grappling with the idea of the Abramovic Method, a multi-stage process in focus and monotasking (TheTMZ staff already did a memorable parody of it), others are practicing it, or at least one of her performance methods, in the streets.

Yesterday, Abramovic herself led a flashmob in Oslo, where the public came together for a performance tribute to Edvard Munch's The Scream to "release their emotions by screaming" (Photoshop parodied yesterday by James Franco to promote his new art TV series). Apparently over 300 participants came to scream in a park with her in the city's Ekeberg neighborhood, and of course, police shut it down.

Support the Kickstarter and earn one of many awesome prizes for your contribution to the Marina Abramovic Institute.

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