Marc Jacobs watches South Park? He's got two of Cartman's toys tattooed to his body? He goes to the gym daily? He walks his dog? He DRAWS? Oh my goodness, Marc Jacobs is just like us. We also start our day with coffee and a shower. WE WATCH MORNING TV. But... he lost us at the Louis Vuitton part... and the whole "beauty products at Sephora" thing.

In this edition of Vogue Voices, the designer just talks about how hard it is to be so damn successful. His struggle includes sticking to a nutritious diet, traveling, advertising shoots, and working in Paris. Sounds like a real tough life. Marc Jacobs is almost like your friend who used to hang out a lot but now always texts shit back like "Sorry man, I'm real busy" when you try to hang out. Busy doing what exactly?! Regardless of how "busy" your former bud may or may not be, it probably can't compare to Marc Jacobs' gig. 

[via YouTube]