Ceramics and porcelain are delicate materials that display precise form and studied structure. Challenging the rigid tradition of such works, London-based Chilean artist Livia Martin uses the ceramic medium to create pieces that seem to melt before our eyes.

The artist presents a series of traditional porcelain objects, including teapots, cups, and vases, which are not what you would expect. The fragmented pieces seem to ooze into patterned puddles that maintain the decorative motifs on the original works.

Martin explains the original theme behind her art: "My work was initially informed by the immediate social and political context of Chile in the 1990s that amounted to a transition from a profoundly and overtly disciplinary political regime (under seventeen years of dictatorship) to one of an economic, though no less disciplinary, regime with a strongly developed neo-liberal agenda." True to this theme, her ceramics break free of their classical rules. 

[via Juxtapoz]

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