Leopard print is always kind of an awesomely bold look that's best done in moderation. However, an Austin man who goes by Larry Da Leopard has just upped the ante for anyone who was a fan of the feline print. With over 1,000 leopard spots tatted all over his body, including everything that's covered by his loincloth, Larry also claims that the ink has given him "special leopard powers like seeing in the dark, running really fast and hunting at night." 

"Da Leopard" is a well-known character around Austin, TX, and owns the Telepathic Tattoo parlor. He started out on his 1,000 tattoo journey when he was 25, about 15 years ago. Despite knowing and admitting that he looks like a cartoon character, Larry has a long-term girlfriend, which should shame any single guy who can't lock down wifey. However, not everyone is as accepting of his superpower-providing tats as his GF. Larry's been banned from a few diners and has been called the Devil. 

All this doesn't bother Larry, who first started getting tattooed as a subversive act towards societal norms and expectations. So what would impeded Larry from completion? Certainly not the torture of inking his ding-a-ling and scro' piece. "I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone," he said of that ordeal, "But to me the art is worth the pain."

[via Daily Mail]