Last year, a group of students in South Korea broke the record for the tallest LEGO tower in the world at 105-feet. This summer, a group of kids from Wilmington, Del. beat this record, creating a tower out of 500,000 LEGO bricks that reaches 112-feet.

The tower was built by a group of students from John Dickinson High School, a member of the Red Clay School District. Working off of donations from the community and corporate sponsors, the students were able to build the tower without district funds. The tower was built in sections, with variant designs that span from rainbow patterns to Pokemon characters. At the top of the tower, Red Clay School District Superintendent Mervin Daugherty installed a LEGO replica of the school's logo. Once this was installed, a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records verified that the tower broke the world record for the tallest LEGO tower ever created. See the LEGO tower go up over at Designboom.

[via Designboom]

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