Photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Mannion has immortalized many of today's music legends. In 1996, he was commissioned to shoot Jay Z in Brooklyn for his first album, Reasonable Doubt. Since this epic beginning, he has gone on to capture the major players in hip-hop, including Kanye West, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, and more.

Besides his images of famous artists, Mannion also trains his camera on more unlikely subjects. In one image, an unnamed bricklayer in Jamaica seems to have the effortless swagger of Mannion's rappers. In another, Killer Mike washes a car with the same carefree vibe as the bricklayer. For a show at Milk Studios called "Rough Around the Edges: The 665 Polaroid Work of Jonathan Mannion" that ran from June 18 to July 7, the artist exhibited some of his best photos. We asked Mannion to pick his top shots for our Portfolio Review: Jonathan Mannion Shares Photographs from His Summer Exhibition At Milk Studios.

All the images are available for sale here.

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