Ok, so we all know that James Franco loves art, and he loves the art world, and he's buddies with Paul McCarthy, and he hangs out with Marina Abramovic, and she's kind of obsessed with him and wants to make a movie about his life. But what James Franco really, really loves is getting artsy on Instagram.

Yesterday, Franco announced "A New Television Show About Art Duuuh" with an Instagram of his face Photoshopped on a mustachioed Mona Lisa (something Marcel Duchamp did almost 100 years ago, in fact). Earlier this month, the actor extraordinaire posted an incredibly weird Instagram of his head on Paul McCarthy's Snow White nudes from the LA artist's equally weird show WS. And that's not all. When Jeffrey Deitch announced his departure from MOCA, Franco defended the museum director on Instagram with an image of the two of them talking and the caption "LA doesn't deserve jeffrey Deitch." If all of this Instagram trolling wasn't enough, there's now a creepy Franco doll who likes to take Instagram selfies everywhere in the world.

Today, Franco put his mediocre Photoshop skills to use again with another stellar promotional Instagram for his upcoming TV show—one where he appears as Vincent Van Gogh's Self Portrait. The best part is the Microsoft Paint-style writing that reads, "New T.V. Show: 'James Franco Presents.'"

UPDATE: Tonight, he announced "James Franco Presents," a one-hour, weekly series on Ovation TV, which he will be shooting and executive producing. His Instagram, where he Photoshops himself into Edvard Munch's The Scream this time, says "the series explores Art everywhere in our lives." In a press release, he adds, "It is an art show that is an art piece, meaning the show has synched with the rhythms of my life and work." Ovation notes that "thousands of hours from James' personal video library will be showcased." 

Sounds exciting. Keep yourself busy until November by getting familar with everything Franco's done in the art world in 2013, so far.

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