Ukrainian street art duo Interesni Kazki, composed of Waone and Aec, has created two building murals in Moscow that both speak truth and stretch your imagination. Participating in the LGZ Festival, a street art event in Moscow, the artists introduce new worlds that are familiar yet foreign.

Aec's mural, titled "Time Machine," reaches back to the age of the dinosaurs and extends to times of modern science and technology, to foreshadow a certain future for this human-driven Earth. The work contains many dimensions across different spatial fields, which each contain its own meaning and role within the bigger picture. Waone's mural, "Flying & Crawling Mind," portrays a person reading a book, and suggests the type of influence the activity could potentially have in expanding a mind.

Interesni Kazki leads their viewers to follow through on their pursuit of further creativity, by introducing relatable, human-related themes in their acrylic murals.

[via Arrested Motion]