Building code and regulations are meant to protect the well-being of the public, but for an architecture student, they can only seem like limitations. University of Minnesota graduate architecture student Hank Butitta announces, "I bought a bus," and introduces his final project that began as an impulsive purchase.

Butitta invested $3,000 to buy a school bus on craigslist, and created a home within its spaces that can house up to 6 people. The unit includes beds, tables, a sink, and toilet, while providing spacious living within 225 square feet inside a mobile environment. Upon completion of the construction, the architecture student has ventured on a 5,000 mile journey across the American northwest. You can track and read reports from his trip online at Hank Bought A Bus. The home built inside a school bus boasts amenities that beats that of any old RV, and redefines mobile, compact living.

Watch Butitta discuss his project here:

[via Designboom]