This summer, we've seen an abundance of leather—especially at Summer Jam—and people are calling for an axe to what was once the most badass thing a dude could put on. No, we're not just talking about people who troll twitter. One of streetwear's most prominent individuals, Frank Cooke of Wish ATL, made a statement at this year's Agenda trade show in Las Vegas.

Cooke was spotted walking around in a T-shirt that read, "R.I.P. Leather & Sublimation." Sublimation has become a popular way for brand's to make all-over prints, and has seen a rise in custom socks

Does Cooke have a point? Sure, every season there's a flux of trends that go in-and-out of style. But this year, there's a rising disdain towards everyone wanting to sport the same style as the next man. 

Where do you stand?

[via Publish Brand]