Artist Gregory Kloehn occasionally lives in a dumpster when he visits New York. Presently, Kloehn resides in his repurposed dumpster home in Red Hook, Brooklyn, equipped with all living necessities and beyond including a toilet, sink, stove, rooftop lounge area, mini bar, and barbecue grill.

While this type of living is not what we would normally expect from a dumpster, this is exactly the artist's point and message. Aiming to "take the grandeur of the world and mix it with social irony," Kloehn is currently working on new pieces at Pioneer Works, carrying similar themes in creating unconventional but uniquely efficient living spaces. Some of his creations feature restructured shipping containers, bicycles, and trash collected from the streets. Though his materials may not sound so glamorous at first, the end result will change your mind.

[via Curbed]