Common Projects is not a brand that innovates. They don't push the envelope and they're not revolutionaries. But is anyone even questioning the fact that they make the best goddamn sneakers on the planet season after season? They basically take the same 2 or 3 shapes and find new, amazing colorways for each, while throwing up a few Hail Mary's in the vein of "your Grandfather's favorite sneakers done up in fine ass Italian leathers" that for the most part are hit or miss (this season, I'll go with "hit"). For Fall/Winter 13 they've brought back their Vans Era knock-offs, shown above in black, tan and blue suede. I've heard some rumbles recently of dudes who are "sick of Common Projects" because "everyone has them" and that "there's nothing special about them anymore," which is a ridiculously cynical way to look at things. Like, yeah, everyone's had sex before too (well, maybe not everyone), but that doesn't mean it's still not awesome, right?