Artist Adam Harvey and fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield have created what they call "stealth wear," anti-surveillance products that hide heat-signatures, block cell signals, and perform other functions to keep off the grid. The products will be sold at a "Privacy Gift Shop" at the New Museum Store for a limited-time between August 28 and September 22.

Included in the stealth wear line is an "anti-drone scarf" that protects against thermal imaging software, the OFF Pocket Phone Case to instantly make your smartphone "untrackable" and "unhackable," a redesigned "I Love NY" tee with Optical Character Recognition-resistant ink, and a metal dollar bill that protects credit cards from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) skimming. With this pop-up project the artist hopes to "bring privacy and counter surveillance ideas to a wider audience and engage in discussions about how art, design, and creativity can play a role in protecting privacy.”

The Privacy Gift Shop items will also be available online via starting August 28.

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