While not many designers cater to the demographic, Kolding School of Design graduate Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling has designed a product to specifically benefit the homeless. The "Urban Rough Sleeper" is a backpack unit that expands to become a small tent-like shelter to fit one person for sleep. When the sleeping unit is compressed, the backpack offers room for storing the essentials such as blankets, shoes, and small items. The Denmark-based artist created his project based on the opinions of real homeless people, and incorporated storage, mobility and shelter in his design.

While the backpack would definitely be helpful to those without a home, it can also be useful for anyone who is in need of a portable shelter. Offering the product as camping equipment, the designer will dedicate 10% of profits made from sales to offering a free "Urban Rough Sleeper" to those in need. The backpack embraces creativity and compassion as a product not made for luxury but for practical use.

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[via Designboom]