Those of us that live on the Internet have surely noticed (and contributed to) the popularity of cats of every kind doing almost everything imaginable. While they probably won't overthrow dogs in the real world (sorry), cats rule on the interwebs and as Eric Levensen of the Atlantic Wire points out, they are quickly taking over the art world too.

As if "The Cat Show" at White Columns isn't enough, New York City will see a new Ancient Egyptian cat exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum later this month, then in September cat-lovers will have the opportunity to experience the works of Balthus at the Metropolitan Museum in an exhibit entitled "Cats and Girls—Paintings and Provocations." It turns out Balthus was a bit of a cat freak (and a normal freak too). While these exhibits are a little different than the Grumpy Cat Art Show we saw two months ago, the fact that they and so many others exist suggests that Lil Bub for President could appear on a legit bumper sticker some day...we hope. 

[via TheAtlanticWire]

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