Square toed shoes are hands-down the worst shoes ever. There is no reason why they should ever be spotted on men's feet, and yet we still see these monstrosities everyday. Unless you've had a serious case of frostbite, there's no reason why you should ever be wearing these boxy kicks. They're clunky, they're cheap-looking, and they will instantly ruin any stylistic progress you've made elsewhere.

If you do own a pair of these, we plead with you to immediately fill them with Diethyl ether (more flammable than gasoline) and incinerate them straight to the afterlife. There are plenty of better options out there, and they won't cost you a grip. If you still have your doubts about destroying your offensively geometric kicks, then here are 10 Reasons Why Square Toed Shoes Are the Worst Shoes Ever.

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