Snapple's "Re-enFACTments" campaign is a collaborative project with various artists, chefs, animators, filmmakers, and other creatives that brings Snapple Real Facts to life via digital and social media. First we saw graphic artist Frank Kozik take on the Snapple Fact #682 with his limited-edition panda toy. Now, Snapple has paired with stop-motion animator Khoa Phan to create a series of Vines for Snapple Fact #754: "An alligator can go through 3,000 teeth in a lifetime."

23-year old Khoa (Vine's "Most Creative Stop Motion Animator") has been approached by many companies to collaborate because of his awesome animations, including Peanuts, Red Vines, and Coca Cola. His style is perfect for this campaign and the Vines he created are great. Using construction paper and the app on his iPhone, Khoa built a narrative around the alligator that also promotes dental hygiene. Check out his Vines below and head over to the Snapple Re-enFACTments site for more creations.

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