The street art stars aligned for an epic collaboration with some of our favorite artists. Shepard Fairey wrote a post on Obey Giant explaining the story behind a new collaboration between himself, prolific graffiti tagger COPE2, and Martha Cooper. Fairey had been a fan of COPE2's work, admiring his numerous tags in New York throughout the '90s. Fairey said, "Of course, success in graffiti is measured by volume and he was one of the most , if not the most, up of anyone in New York City."

Eventually Fairey got into contact with COPE2, collaborating on a couple of walls. They made a mural in the Bronx that Fairey enjoyed so much that he decided he needed to share it on a bigger scale. He set up a T-shirt collaboration and used a photo of the work taken by Martha Cooper just to add another level of street art epicness.

If you want to get your hands on the design yourself, you're in luck. The work will be available as a T-shirt and a 16 x 24 inch lithograph print that's even signed by Shepard Fairey and COPE2. You will have to act fast: it will be released as a limited edition of 300 (100 will be sold from Obey's site) for $50 each on July 25 sometime between 10am and noon. So in three days, make sure you visit the site and keep hitting control+R.

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[via ObeyGiant]