We have heard of some interesting themes, like the accidental beauty of science facilities, the Rubik's Cube, or even art made out of drugs. Well, we're now here to tell you about a gallery that features photos of drinking. The person responsible for the show had a really deep thing to say about it.

"I wish I could tell you there was some really profound reasoning," says curator Sasha Wolf, owner of the the gallery and person responsible for the exhibition aptly titled "The Drinking Show." 

Ok, Wolf didn't really have something deep to say but some of the images are interesting. They highlight the whole gamut of drinking debauchery: from classy as ufck drinking connoisseurs to drunk college dudes. Galleries are not usually busy during the summer, so why not add a spicy exhibition.

The curator came up with the idea when, surprise, he was drinking bourbon and brainstorming summer show themes. Although most galleries come up with seasonal topics, Wolf wanted to do something "a little bit more quirky." We're on board.

[via NPR]