If you live in New York and have visited downtown Manhattan's Financial District, you may have noticed something out of the ordinary. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of business fat cats sits a sand castle. You can thank NYC-based sandsculptor Matt Long for the small slice of beach.

But this isn't any ordinary sand castle. Long's sculpture has many details and stands 5.5 meter (18ft). It is modeled after Renaissance architecture, reflected in its miniature carved turrets, drawbridges, and windows. What's also astounding is that Long usually has less than a few weeks to finish his projects.

There is also a second sculpture that sits at NYC's South street seaport. Naturally it is a large-scale ship featuring full sails as well as sand-made waves. Long's sculptures are very impressive, considering how frail sand must be to work with. His work is a part of a city-wide initiative meant to bring summer to busy New Yorkers as well as tourists stopping by the Big Apple.

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